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Our Scout Troop meets every Friday night, taking part in many different activities, including earning badges and awards. Camping, enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills is a big part of what we do! We believe that young people get great opportunities to develop when they are on camp, so we are often away for weekend camps. Camps vary in style depending on the programme, but can include: Traditional camping; Lightweight camping; Hiking & Wild Camping; Residential weekends (with indoor accommodation).

The highlight of the year for most scouts is our annual summer camp. This is a longer camp, often for a week or 10 days, when the Scouts camp in Patrols, cook their own meals, and take part in various adventurous activities!

Our Troop ...

When new Scouts join the Troop they make the Scout Promise during a special ceremony called an Investiture. 

The promise is an important part of becoming a member of the troop, and by making the promise a Scout commits to try their best and to keep the Scout Law. 

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New Scouts who join the troop need to buy a green Scout shirt and a scout belt. They’ll use the necker that they had in Cubs, and we provide all the badges. 

If they require a necker, this is the Hunting Stewart tartan neckerchief.

The nearest shop that sells Scout shirts, belts and neckers is the Edinburgh Guide Shop at 16 Coates Cresecent, Edinburgh, EH3 7AH. The map on the right shows where it is.

Alternatively you can buy them online from Scout Shops by clicking here.

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Badges and Awards

Our Scouts can earn different types of badges. Below are a few explanations about them. To find out more about the individual badges and to see the up-to-date requirements click on the badge images below.

Where do the badges go ?

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Core Badges.....

These include the badges that are presented to a Scout when they join the troop and represent where a Scout is from, and their membership of the Scout Association.

Activity Badges

These badges recognise a Scout’s progression in existing activities or in a new activity that they have been trying for the first time.

There are now 77different cub activity badges to try!

(These badges are circular and blue with a red border.)

Staged Activity Badges

There are now 16 different staged activity badges that can be earned whether a young person is a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer – based on their level of ability or experience. These include the Nights Away Badge which records how many nights a young person has been away with scouting.

(These badges are circular and light blue with a purple border.)

Challenge Awards

The 9 Scout Challenge awards are achieved by completing a number of more ambitious tasks within the pack or the local community. Much of the work for these is completed through taking an active part in our programme of activities but a few may require some extra work outwith our normal Scout nights.

Chief Scout's Gold Award

This is the highest award a Scout can achieve before moving onto Scouts. Cubs gain this award by achieving all 9 Challenge Awards and achieving 6 different activity badges or stage activity badges of their choice

Can you .... Make us truly awesome ?

Do you have a special set of skills ? 

Teamwork is at the heart of Scouting, we build it in young people, and it takes teams of adults to make it happen.

With your help and support we are able to offer our young people good quality Scouting with an opportunity of fun, challenging and exciting activities. We aim to  identify any skills your family and friends have that could help us achieve this.  Everyone has something to offer, whether it is through their work or hobbies (maybe you are a dentist and could visit and talk to us, or you work in a baked bean factory, we may be able to visit).  Have a look at the wide range of activity badges available by clicking on the badges themselves. You may have skills / interests which you could share with us.

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Getting in touch .........

For the parents/guardians of Scouts already in the troop – please contact

Colin at 114 Scouts – 114scouts@gmail.com


For General enquiries regarding the Scout Group – please contact fairmilehead@gmail.com